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With Love and Respect, Inviting All Muslim Peoples to Follow Jesus

About Frontiers New Zealand

Frontiers New Zealand is part of the Frontiers international movement which seeks, with love and respect, to invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.

Why We Exist

About one in four people in the world is Muslim. Most have never met a follower of Jesus, nor had the opportunity to learn about Jesus himself. Our goal is to see God raise up an indigenous gathering of followers of Jesus among all Muslim people groups.

What We Do

Frontiers New Zealand helps individuals and their supporting churches make disciples of Jesus in all nations.We do this often by living, working and raising families in Muslim communities. We show through our lives and words that God loves all peoples. We identify with Muslims but also seek to bring new hope and blessing. We are guests in their community, not seeking to convert people to a foreign religion or culture but still wanting to clearly present the truth of Jesus.

We seek to serve God among the unreached and unengaged peoples of the Muslim world. We do this in a variety of ways. This is inspired by the creative character of God who has made us all unique, but who brings all cultures together in his community. Frontiers welcomes individuals, couples and families. We welcome younger people and more mature people alike.

Who We Are

In 1982, Frontiers founder Greg Livingstone asked himself three simple questions.

From this, Livingstone began a new way of ministry, sending teams of Christians to bring hope in Christ to Muslims. The Frontiers Movement was born.

Since 1982, Frontiers has helped reduce the number of unengaged Muslim people groups to 1,000+. We look forward to the day when our work is done, and the message of the Gospel has been brought to every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 5:9).

Much of our progress has been due to our commitment to learn from our mistakes and to identify and promote practices that our teams are finding helpful. Our learning is greatly enhanced through being a culturally diverse movement. Today we have more than 1,100 members in over 240 teams serving in 50 countries around the world. Our learning is greatly enhanced through being a culturally diverse movement with 30 national 'sending' offices worldwide.

If you want to dig deeper and talk to us more about who we are and what we do, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Our Values

Our values are embodied in our Statement of Faith

1. Our focus is on living amongst Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Jesus' love known.

2. We aspire to see people transformed by Jesus and in worshipping communities that are locally led and equipped for growth and multiplication.

3. Like-minded people united in a common vision can achieve a lot more than individuals.Teams offer mutual support and complementary gifts - it is the only way we work.

4. Teams have the freedom, within our core values, to seek God's wisdom and direction for their own particular situation. Decisions are made closest to the action.

5.We place a high emphasis on training, mentoring and accountability provided by people with hands-on experience so that even younger or less experienced people can thrive and develop their leadership potential.

6. We are united in our commitment to live by Biblical truths, but seek to be gracious in embracing diversity.

7.We believe it is the church's responsibility to send people, so we place a high emphasis on partnering with the home churches of those that go.We are committed to working in partnership with other agencies.